Jaka Vinšek is a Slovenian-born, Brooklyn-based photographer and cinematographer. His personal projects focus on the passion of others, from athletes pushing their bodies to the limit to medical professionals helping those in need. Exploring diverse cultures and alternative lifestyles, Jaka’s work seeks intimate moments within the unfamiliar. 

Since relocating to the United States in 2010, Jaka has worked with a variety of documentary, fashion and lifestyle clients. Beside his photographic work, he also shot two award-winning, feature-length documentaries: Defining Hope, which examines the end of life treatment in America, and The American Nurse, which showcases the lives and incredible stories of nurses across the country. Both films have been shown in theaters throughout the US.

Based in Brooklyn, NY


U.S. +1.631.839.5956


2020 - IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (Feature length documentary) TRAILER
2017 - DEFINING HOPE (Feature length documentary) TRAILER
2014 - THE AMERICAN NURSE (Feature length documentary) TRAILER


2019 - ON STYLE / Hardcover / Rizzoli / with DAVID KAIHOI
2016 - CELEBRATE EVERYTHING / Hardcover / HarperCollins Publishers / NYC
2015 - THE URBAN YOGA / Hardcover / Anja Humljan / SLO
2014 - THE WINDOWS OF BUCK HOUSE / Hardcover / Acanthus Press, NYC
2012 - THE AMERICAN NURSE / Hardcover / Welcome Books / NYC

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